Principessa Dorotea
de Rotami
In early January 2004, Pat wrote in Principessa's journal:

"On a languid African day, the remnants of a princess are discovered in a scrap-yard. What Renaissance? What Revolution? What past? What future? What family tree? What residue of mettle remains? Where are the remnants of angelic servitude? Which incandescent threads shroud her collective unconscious? Who will burnish her rust?"

The Princess, born an assemblage of scrap metal, is the most mysterious of all the dolls. The first four pictures on this page show her at the end of stage 3 (embellishments acquired during February) , regaining her aristocratic glory, restored to her lofty venerated position.
Back view, with Renaissanc Pricess portrait Fleur-de-lis for royalty; Roses St Dorothy symbol The Princess: a discarded engine part, ensconsed in her lantern Close-up shows mysterious Pincess' embellishments
Marietjie creates a casket holding apples and roses, symbols of St Dorothy
The Rotami Family Crest, designed by Pat, on the inside cover of the Princess' journal.
During March, Hester adds hands, face, a robe of Royal Blue and a mosaic of mirror behind
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Pat herself is a Grande Dame, and teaches Math
Linda provided the Fabergé egg that every Princess needs by richly decorating an ostrich egg.
Click the pcture for a bigger view of the Principessa at the exhibition in September 2004. You'll also get an idea of the venue where we held all our meetings, the lovely Kariba Ranch Coffee Shop and Art Centre.