Frida, artist and traveller
Beautifully proportioned and fully jointed, this lady started her adventure packed in a large blue travelling trunk lined with blue felt. It had stickers on the outside that read Paris, New York and Mexico - as clues. Who is this woman that Hester launched into life, wearing nothing but a pair of delicate, lace-edged cambric panties? Later, Erna gave her a tan by adding a panty-hose skin. She wears embroidered felt slippers from a modified baby bootie pattern and toe rings on her fingers.
Easy to recognise her once Joy has modelled her face. Marietjie adds beads and a richly flowered blouse. More beads, a custom made mosaic cross by Pat, gesso ears, earrings and new hairdo by Erna.

Frida travels in a blue suitcase. Pat and Tilla start decorating it.
Pat's mosaic cross
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Rings on her fingers...
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Tilla adds reference to Frida's interest in politics by pasting photos inside the lid of the suitcase.

Frida enjoyed travelling all over South Africa, and made friends wherever she went -
  the Jack Russel in the picture could not understand why she did not want to play ball  with him!

Frida contemplates her journal.

Although the project is complete, her journey isn't! She's off to the USA as soon as her passage can be booked, because her mom,
, is sending her as a gift to her best friend, who is working in Maryland.
In a Nature Reserve near Cape Town Play ball, Frida, please!
This is Hester. She's an artist.