Ada  the Bag Lady IS a bag. Her crotch has a zip.
A page inside Ada's journal
An alarm clock on cerise silk in bubble pastic - Ada's heart
Ada and The Moongazing Woman
She hides behind her alter ego - her first, failed torso (it came out too thin and/or shapely). A wire armature makes her completely pose-able. The armature was covered with foam rubber and shaped with batting. Her arms are vintage evening gloves, her legs an old pair of tights. Her crotch is zippered, giving access to her secret cerise silk insides, where you will find two pretty cut-glass bottles. The one contains her gall-stones, the other ashes. She also has a heart: a pink alarm-clock in a bed of cerise silk. The whole is encased in a bubble-plastic heart shape, decorated with little pink pearls.

Ada's journal is of handmade paper. The entry shown below is a combination of collaged magazine cutouts, highlighters and pentel pens, and reads: "The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect, but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves. C.G.Jung". Erna found the quote in Art Doll Chronicles.
Click the picture for a close-up of Ada's face
Erna's thinking of her mother
She's wearing nipple rings!
During stage 2, Hester transformed Ada into the old lady who wears purple, with a wonderful purple wig, purple gloves and shoes. The Moongazing Woman became a double-sided rucksack, with pockets both sides. Hester made a mould of her own face, then "aged" the cast with further modelling to create this fierce old lady who doesn't give a damn what anyone says.
Ada takes a breather. After being out and about, visiting and gathering, for another three months since the last picture, she needs to catch her breath! Her shopping trolley is laden with stuff she's picked up along the way. Linda understood her need for a timely nip, and supplied a halfjack of brandy. She also crocheted her a hat from plastic shopping bags, which Marietjie decked with a rose and a voile ribbon. Pat gave her the purple walking stick (Ada's knees give her trouble), and the Pick'nPay trolley. Ada stole the bunch of flowers, Pat says. Well... she just picked them. Let's not call it stealing...

On 16 September 2004, Ada reaches the end of her journey - and her poor feet hurt! She kicks off her shoes and enjoys a well-earned rest!
Not even a shopping trolley holds all this bag lady's bags!
Erna is Ada's mom