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Big Brothers
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Coat of many colours: Timpanyane
Isaac Lennox Rakodi - Raised from poor to rich by his grandmother.
Gatang - Timpanyane, I gave him flesh as I was the first receipient, I also gave hime tone.
Tautsagae Kedumetse
Philip Bakani - Tautsagae Kedumetse is a soldier who passed away in World War II, The time the soldier went to war he left his wife pregnant and he died in war. In her loyalty to her husband she did a doll together with the daughter who was born after he left. The doll represents the dead father to the daughter.
Aobakwe Morwaagae - I have him the batches as an honour as he was a commander. (War Veteran)
Aobakwe Morwaagae - Osiris - God of reincarnation. Brought civilisation to Egypt. Murdered by Seth (opposite evil brother.)
Lennox - On Osiris I joined the body parts of Osiris on behalf of his sister as its noted in history that she joined the body parts.
Bob the Frog
Lekgotla Botsoba - Experience of a young man with talent of combining art and tecnology to reveal the undiscovered.
Philip - Since he is a frog he doesn't have knowledge about humans so I have bought him a CD to store information for future use.
Gatang Molagesele - Son of the soil of Africa, he lost his identity while exhibited in European museum, returned to Africa for burial as bones in 2001
Botsoba - (Elnegro, bones) I made a coffin for Elnegro so as he can be given a normal burial like anybody instead of being a display object.
Bob the Frog          El Negro          Osiris          Tautsagae Kedumetse          Timpanyane