La Femme


In my head there are words,

Ink printed on paper.

Words the substance of my mind,

Become the sword in my hand.

I am my thoughts.

Feed me from the Word,

that my mind might lead my body.

My head-covering is salvation.

Bind my waist in revelation of truth.

My shield is faith.

On my breast lies integrity.

My feet are shod with peace.


I am a rib, a part, a whole,

Through wisdom I build a house.

Value me more than jewels.

I am a ship seeking the wind at night.

My fruits are trust,

comfort, encouragement and goodness;

my catalyst is pain.

I taste the sweetness of my labour,

a beacon lamp by night, against

fear, doubt and distrust.

My hands are overflowing... take!

Clothe me with strength and dignity,

Call me blessed.

For I reverently fear the Lord.

I am woman.


Joy Heyneke 2004-01-06




La Femme


You are clothed with dignity,

In colours of eternity.

Lightness of movement and freedom,

Your head is covered with salvation,

Oh, Joy forever!


Pearls from your shell,

Twinkle stars in heaven.

A blood-red life-force at the Core

Eternal Woman


Marietjie Joubert 2004-01-16




La Femme


tout comprendre c'est tout pardoner


Veiled heart, engulfed in love

Reviled, revered

Chassè on chatoyant gift

Martyr for a Higher Cause

Untrammelled rent apart

A ring of fiery angels covetous

Transcend these bones

Genuflect oh Holy Mother...

Ingénue, seductive youth

Tango dance maimed passion-flower

What travails thee Baggage Laden

Icon, androgynous agéd drudge

Pusillanimous siren

Passion, poême

Velvet centre of the blood -stained rose

Renascence of burnished rust...


White fire moon hangs, motionless

Celestial orb's deep, dark embrace

Bedouin dancer lissom wisp

Enigmatic voluptuous twist

Madonna whore or she-goddess

Stepping in Another's wake

Jewelled slippers lead you whence...


Yet in my flesh shall I see God.


Patricia Surmon 2004-02-29






Femme magique en éternité,
ton coeur est comme un feu sacré,
ta tendresse est même plus angélique
que la fragrance d'une île mystique.


J'écoute les mots de ta belle chanson,
le tranquille rhythme n'est pas surprenant,
car ton corps est noble et vertueux,
ton esprit est calme et mystérieux.


Tu fais un souffle de vent sur la mer,
et changes les couleurs sur le sable et la terre,
et ta beauté n'est jamais cachée,
car ta sagesse est ton meilleur secret.


Author not known