La Femme..
but is she Fatale?
She came bound with black straps in a mysterious pinewood box that Joy's husband made. Its handle is a turned leg of an antique chair - a reference, perhaps, to "the turn of a beautiful calf", one of those timeless charms of a woman, or a reminder of an era when tablecloths hung to the floor, lest men be inflamed by the sight of a leg.

Marietjie picked up on that Victorian allusion, and dressed her in a virginal designer dress, and a silk and velvet hat in mobcap style.

Pat revealed her secret through découpage. It became clear that The Woman is every woman: sinner, saint, celebrity, savant.

Joy introduced La Femme by writing a poem in her journal, and Marietjie and Pat followed suit. Erna found, on the Internet, a suitably French poem for the journal.

Tilla and Antoinette started collecting things for the shelves of her box. Erna had some trouble
knowing what to do with her.
Below are pictures of her more curvaceous, remodelled body in the process of being covered with lace.
La Femme's cupboard is nearly bare - then...
her shelves are stocked with finery
Joy is an artist and a poet
Can you also see that mother and daughter look alike?