desert wanderer
Marietjie is a museum curator
Marietjie made Meroe - Mirriam - Mary: Bitterness/Sorrow.

Born a slave in Egypt ca. 1447BC, she escaped. She is a prophet, a dancer, a musician. Her journey through the desert has joys, trials, tribulations, crises -
sin and forgiveness, sickness and healing. She is weathered, old, but free.

Pat received her reverently, layed her down gently, covered her against the chill of the desert night, let her rest awhile, gave her water and paid tribute to her with stars in her ears and jewels around her neck.

Erna discovers that Meroe is smiling. Those that sow with tears shall reap with joy! She grows daily younger, receiving again the years that the locusts have eaten. "Come away, my Beloved," her bridegroom calls, "I shall feed you on honey and dates..."  Scroll down for more...
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Meroe is given a camel by Antoinette.

Erna names him Bennie, and Hester gives him an armature so that he can stand with his mistress astride.

Pat embroidered his saddle-bag (it used to be Meroe's sack), and also made Meroe a lamp to light her way - you can just see it dangling from some orange rope. It is made out of tins painted black. She pierced holes into the tin to form patterns, They look lovely when you light a candle inside.

Linda made a canopy for Bennie's saddle, so that Meroe would no longer be scorched by the hot desert sun.