...prononced nuh-see-zeh, means, in Zulu, lonely or alone, Tilla told us. But if you said "No size", you would have been right, too, because this started off as the smallest doll in the group. Nosize began her journey with nothing but her tiny journal, tied in a bundle on her head. She had lost home, family, all her possessions. Her first resting place along the way was with Hester, who fed her and filled her out with shwe-shwe cloth and beads, and made her many times as tall, and sent her out richer and with recovered dignity.
Tilla Schoeman, Nosizi's mom, is a language teacher
Joy covered Nosize's wire skirt with paper, gave her a woven Zulu grass handbag, and added some beaded Zulu loveletters. Inspired by Ndebele designs, Linda decorated her skirt with bold colours and patterns, and perched a wirework butterfly on her rear. Marietjie added animal skin patterns and beads. Pat and Erna "deconstructed" her to reveal Hester's beautiful wire construction underneath. Finally, Nosize sheds her paper-and-cloth cocoon completely, and climbs right out of her skirt, to stand, triumphant, on top of her mountain holding aloft her trophy. She is victorious, she has overcome her adversities.
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