I've got my beach bag full
Of all the necessary items
For a day in the sun
And of course it wouldn't be
Like me
If I didn't bring along
So-o-ome sunglasses
To hide behind
To cry behind...
Pamella the Pregnant
Pamella started life as a "weggooi-kind", who lived on the streets and got into all kinds of trouble. No doubt her intrinsic spirit will ensure that she will yet become somebody!

She consisted of a papier-maché torso to which creator Antoinette grudgingly attached spindly, soft arms and legs and a head (that kept on falling off), "...because I thought I had to..." Chicken-wire support hosiery and papier-maché shoes from Erna enabled her to stand on her own two feet, and were the beginning of her rehabilitation.
"She's a real head-turner!
She walks into a room
with a sense of humour
and a bounce in her step."
Pamella is ready to take on the next stage of her adventure. Her luxurious silver-blonde tresses cover the hidey-hole in her back, which is densely collaged with images of women and children. A few more pictures attached to her belly, and a yellow plastic popper-bead bracelet (vintage 1950's) complete the embellishments she collected during stage two.
Does Pamella wear a mask (as many of us often do), or is this who she really is?

Joy, stage three, dressed her in a fashionable mini (that does not hide her ripened state) and a satin bra (that does).

Linda, stage four, changed her hairstyle to something more hip, and made butterflies for her shoes. She attached Pam's "mask" permanently.

Then Marietjie painted over the photo-face and gave the girl some neccessary accessories.

How does that old song go...?
The wonderful news is that Antoinette, who started Pamella, discovers that she is pregnant with her first child!
We work out that it must have happened while she was putting the finishing touches to stage one of the doll.
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Antoinette Nienaber